About Us

About us

Since 1972, we have been designing, building, irrigating, lighting and maintaining hardscape and softscape for commercial and discriminating residential customers. We are proud of the reputation we have built over the past 38 years and look forward to our continued growth.

Founded by Tom Miller (Senior), the company is now owned and led by Tom's son, "Young" Tom Miller. Like his father, Young Tom is very passionate... passionate about doing the right thing. With a background in art and lifetime of experience in horticulture, Tom brings a high-level of creativitiy and knowledge to his work.

Our Philosophy (Go Green!)

With a passion for making the outdoors more beautiful, Royal Landscape is working hard to make it more healthy as well. We are always researching and evaluating new products and processes for improving the efficiency of our work, the sustainability of the soil and the life of our plants.

Examples of our commitment...

We use biodeisel in our entire fleet of vehicles, which lowered emissions by at least 40% and supports our local farming community since 20% of biodeisel is soybean oil.

We adhere to a comprehensive recycling program

We are committed to using responsible fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides to minmizes the negative effects on our environment..

Our line of artificial turf and golf greens lower the impact of the environment by eliminating the need for water, fertizer and harmful pesticides and herbicides.


We have been a certified member of the North Carolina Landscape Contractors Association since 1979.

We have been licensed by the North Carolina Irrigation Contractors Licensing Board since it's inception.